• You Know That I'm No Good
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  • Amy Winehouse (Cover)
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Vocals and Bass by Jenny Kalicharan. Remaining instruments, producing, and mixing by Grapevine Studios.

Vocals and acoustic guitars by 6 Strings Attached. Drums . electric guitar, and mixing by Grapevine Studios. 

  • Wagon Wheel
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  • Daruis Rucker (Cover)
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  • Sweet Lorraine
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  • Razzmajazz
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Razzmajazz Trio's version of "Sweet Lorraine" was recorded live off the floor.   Recorded and mixed by Grapevine Studios.

  • Head in the Stars
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  • Sm:)e Band
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Sm:)e Band vocals recorded at Grapevine Studios.


I had such an amazing time recording at Glen’s studio. Everything was laid out nicely. Glen was patient and very helpful, ready to explain everything. When you get to hear your band after the initial recording and how that gets transformed into the final version, it’s quite an amazing experience!

Andrew Yoon

(6 Strings Attached)


I didn't have much experience recording before coming to Grapevine Recording Studios. Glen was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. His passion for his craft is very evident. Glen always has great ideas but he'll never push anything on you that you don't want to do. He knows what he's doing and I was able to get amazing results in a very short time. If you are looking for a positive place with a great vibe, Grapevine Recording Studios, in my book, is a 10/10,

Jenny Kalicharan



Glen has the experience, patience, and know-how that allows you to fully realize your creative vision in a space that is comfortable, versatile and delivers professional results. Doing vocal tracking at Grapevine was a breeze and I look forward to returning in the future!

Graham Gomez

Sm:)e Band


Glen was very hands-on, accommodating, and professional the entire time. He uses his creativity and musical flair to suggest and add different elements to the recording and make it sound 10x better! The equipment in his studio is all of high quality. He is also very organized, which makes for an efficient recording session with no time wasted. Overall, it was a memorable and enjoyable experience, and we would welcome the opportunity to record at Grapevine Recording Studios again!   

Cheryll Lingal

6 Strings Attached


For the Love of Music


Hourly Rates: 

Recording - $30 per hour (no cost for equipment setup/take-down and microphone placement)
Mixing - $30 per hour (number of tracks and amount of editing needed will affect mixing time)
Student Rate - $20 per hour 


Located in Surrey, BC

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